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The Word of Elohim

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. (John 1:1 RNEB)The purpose of this study is to examine contextually what the word of Elohim represents. There are many that claim to be following the word of Elohim without realizing there often putting themselves at odds with Elohim’s word. We will be answering the following questions as we approach this topic.What is the word of Elohim?Who has the word of Elohim?How do we obey the word of Elohim?What did Yahshua teach about the word of Elohim?First we need to define the term Elohim as it relates to God, which is what most translations use instead of Elohim. The meaning of God according to Strong’s concordance #0430 it’s equated to Elohim with plural, … Read entire article »

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Under Law or Under Grace

The purpose of this study is to examine the scriptures to see if we’re under law, under grace, or under the law and grace. We will answer the following questions:Why was the law given?Have we been freed from the law?Are we now only under grace?What law was done away with?What is the curse of the law?What part does Yahshua the anointed play?The law was given to allow us to see things about our character and nature that we wouldn’t normally be able to see. Others may have seen things and even said something to us, but we would generally look at it as their opinion. The law, YAH’s code of ethics is an absolute in which all other things must be measured, it’s a mirror that allows us to see … Read entire article »

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First Love

In this study we will discuss who, or what the bible is talking about when it uses the term first love. There are many confusing and inaccurate teaching on this subject in many religious bodies. There are those who claim that the first love is the first Church, Tabernacle, or Religious body one associates with. Our objective is to look through the scriptures and bring clarity to this subject and answer the following questions.What or who is the first love?Who has found the first love as defined in scripture?How do we leave our first love?What is spiritual fornication and adultery?“To the angel of the assembly in Ephesus write: “He who holds the seven stars in his right hand, he who walks among the seven golden menorot says these things: “I … Read entire article »

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Speaking In Tongues

“And these signs shall accompany the ones who believe: In My Name they shall cast out demons, they shall speak with renewed tongues, (Mark 16:17)Many Christians believe that speaking in tongues is the key evidence to receiving the Holy Spirit. Scripture will show that speaking in tongues was one of the signs (manifestations) of the spirit; But we will also find, the tongue speaking that is spoken about by Christendom is very different then what we find in scripture.First if speaking in an unknown tongue (language) is the evidence for receiving the Holy Spirit then John the baptist must have missed the boat. He didn’t speak in tongues, raise the dead, or lay hands on people and heal the sick, yet were told in scripture he was filled with the … Read entire article »

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The Lords Day

For nearly two thousand years nations led by Christianity have promoted Sunday as the Sabbath and the lords day. There are many scriptures sited by Christendom to validate the lords day being Sunday, they use scriptures such as Acts 20:7; Mark 16:2,9; Acts 2:1; I Corinthians 16:2; and Revelations 1:10 which we will analyze in this study. There are several other scriptures that are used to support Sunday worship in honor of Jesus Christ although there was no commandment given by any Apostle, Yahshua, or Prophet to observe Sunday, the first day of the week as Holy and the day in which a divine convocation is to be held.The objective of this study is to isolate Revelation 1:10 and understand what day Yochanan is speaking of. We will contextualize this … Read entire article »

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The Books of Life and Death

The purpose of this study is to understand the books that are referred to in scripture with very little detail and are only mentioned in passing by the prophets. We will answer the following questions.What are these books?Are the books relevant to our salvation?What is the purpose of these unseen books?Why are they never discussed?What does it mean to be holy?What part do angels, or watchers play with these books?How is where we spend our eternity determined?Our objective is to look at these books and understand their operation, significance, and how they affect us today and will impact us tomorrow.To properly understand this subject we will first have to lay a foundation in the books of the law by showing a sampling of commands giving by YAH that we must follow.Book … Read entire article »

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