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Gey Hinnom, The Eternal Fire

The purpose of this study is to understand what will happen to those who are found unrighteous in the eyes of Elohim. Will they be tormented in the eternal fires of hell forever as some scriptures seem to suggest and many religious leaders have taught for the past sixteen hundred years, or is there another fate for the wicked revealed in the word of Elohim? During our analysis of this topic, we will answer the following questions.What do the old testament prophets say about eternal torment?What is the eternal fire spoken about in the new testament?What happens to the unrighteous at death?Will Elohim send the wicked to a place of eternal torment?Who are the wicked or unrighteous?What is the first and second death?By what standard will everyone be judged?We will uncover … Read entire article »

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Death, Judgement, and Resurrection

The purpose of this study is to understand why people die and what happens at death. We will answer the following questions:Is death the fate of all mankind?What happens at death?Do we go to heaven when we die?Do we have a celestial form that leaves the body at death?What is the resurrection?What is the purpose of the resurrection?What is the new body we receive at the resurrection?What’s the difference between the first and second resurrection?Many religious leaders have presented a heaven and hell theology concerning death that can’t be supported when properly contextualizing scripture. In this study we will analyze all the scriptures dealing with this topic and let the word speak for itself.Inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this, judgment, (Hebrews 9:27 RNEB)Death … Read entire article »

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Breath of Life

The purpose of this study is to present an understanding of what man is made of, where he came from, and what gives him life. Many have said we are a spirit, have a soul, and live in a body, others have said that we are a body and soul, and many teach our soul is immortal, existing before and after the creation and death of the body.The way we view our soul will influence the way we interpret scripture and conduct our lives. There are many questions that we will attempt to answer during this study, such as:Was Man created as an immortal living soul?Are we composed of a Spirit, Soul, and Body?How is our mind preserved for the resurrection?Do we go to … Read entire article »

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