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The Interceding Priest

The purpose of this study is to understand who Yahshua is and what his role and purpose is for this age as it relates to his ministry of high priest, mediator, and intercessor. We will be answering the following questions:What was the old testament process for covering iniquity?How has the process for propitiation changed from the old to the new testament?What happens when we’re purified in the name of Yahshua?What is the process after our purification when we sin?What sin did Elohim take away through the sacrifice of Yahshua?What happens on the day of atonement?The objective of this study is to understand Yahshua’s atonement for our sins, the hidden processes that are taking place, and how these processes relate to us.YAH spoke to Moshe, saying, “Speak to Aharon, and to … Read entire article »

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Purification, Passage by Blood

The purpose of this study is to reveal the truth concerning purification also referred to as baptism in some religious bodies. Our objective will be to see the origin, meaning, and significance of purification and answer the following questions.What is purification?What is the purpose of purification?When was purification first ordained?Who should be purified?What is the process of purification?What are the ordinances of purification?What is the name of Salvation?In this study we’re going to learn and understand the purpose behind purification and the term Blood Passage. Sadly, with all the erroneous teaching going on today, many do not understand the overall purpose of this process or even believe that it applies to them. Foremost we must realize if YAH said it, we must do it to walk righteously, it does not … Read entire article »

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