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The Plan Of Salvation

The purpose of this study is to look at part of the process that the Father has given to all humanity to receive eternal life. We will examine the scriptures to see if there are multiple methodologies to receiving immortality or if there is just one way. There are many various views in the different religions of the world on what happens after death in regards to eternal life. What we will attempt to do is show the process to receive eternal life and see how many methods there are to worship the creator. We will answer the following questions. Who was promised salvation first? Who was the salvation prophesied by the prophets? What must we do to be saved? What does it mean to be born … Read entire article »

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MoreiYah, Teacher of YAH

The purpose of this study is to show how one recognizes a Moreiyah, which is a teacher sent and ordained by YAH, as opposed to one sent by the adversary. We will show the scriptural qualifications that a teacher must meet to be a messenger endorsed by YAH, and answer the following questions. Who are the teachers of Elohim? What word was in the Moreiyah’s mouth? What did the teachers turn people away from? What will a true teacher and student guard above all? What happens when there are no Moreiyah’s? Do we need to submit to a teacher as a covering? What is truth? Who are those who use the word deceitfully? The process to enter the covenant of YAH comes through the knowledge and understanding of who he is, and how to serve … Read entire article »

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