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The Sabbath

The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of YAH’s Sabbaths, the days he has commanded us to observe as a sign and symbol of our sanctification to an ecclesiastical body dedicated to the service and worship of his great sovereignty. There are nine gatherings we have been commanded to observe: The Sabbath (7th day) New Moons Unleavened Bread (1st and 7th day) Pentecost Trumpets Day of Atonement Tabernacles (1st and 8th day) These are the appointed times that the almighty Elohim has commanded and mandated us to assemble on to hear his oracles and to be sanctified in the eyes of the nations and the divine order. All the days mentioned that we are to present ourselves are called Sabbaths, which means to cease from your labors and rest. In this study we will mainly be … Read entire article »

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